Duo trailers: sustainability and performance

The diesel fuel have proven to be polluting Freight transport is therefore looking for alternative fuels, but is also resorting to other ingenious formulas. One of them is the duotrailer. In this text we will explain what they are.

Duotrailers: cómo ser menos contaminantes con el combustible diésel

Dou trailers: Technical features

A duotrailer is a set of two trailers joined together, as if they were train carriages.


Its technical characteristics are as follows:

  • •- Maximum length: 31,70 metres.
  • Standard load: 66 European pallets. Double loading: 132 European pallets.
  • -Maximum authorised weight: 72 tonnes.

These vehicles need a special permit from the Dirección General de Tráfico to operate. This is because Spanish regulations are not yet adapted to duo trailers.

In addition, different types of trailers are being tested on these large trucks. These include tankers, tippers and container trailers. But also refrigerated and car transporters and even canvas trailers.

Performance and sustainability by saving diesel

In Spain, 95 % of transport is carried out by road. Considering that the maximum weight allowed for a normal lorry is 24 tonnes, it is obvious that duo trailers can save money.

A single tractor unit carries a load that usually requires two. The fuel savings are therefore significant and this reduces the carbon footprint generated by this fuel.

For the same reason, these vehicles offer a better return for transport companies, because they greatly reduce their fuel costs. Moreover, as the number of trucks is reduced, it is easier for them to find drivers, something they are finding difficult to do.

Freight transport with lower emissions

The transport of goods is unavoidable. . Thanks to it, we have food in supermarkets or medicines in health centres. But it is also polluting and needs to reduce the emissions produced by diesel.

Duo trailers are ideal for this purpose. Duo trailers are ideal for this purpose. According to experts, they can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 30 %. One might think that they should do so by 50 %, but this is not the case because, as we said, the tractor head of these vehicles has to be more powerful.

In conclusion, duo trailers offer high performance and sustainability by reducing the pollution inherent in diesel. They are still in their infancy in Spain, but could be one of the solutions for the future.

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